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icons through the seasons

Seasons of Icons
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Welcome to seasonsoficons! The object of this community is for you to claim a character, pairing, or general television show and make three icons per every episode for every season. You will not make icons of the season it's currently in when you claim unless it's season will be over before the date that your icons are due.

This community is moderated and was created by unspell. Any comments, questions, or concerns should be brought to her attention.
You will have five months to complete your claim. And three weeks to post the first season of the show. If for some reason you cannot complete your claim I need you to comment the subject claims as soon as possible. Abide by the rules or you'll be banned. YOU MUST JOIN THE COMMUNITY TO HAVE POSTING ACCESS. YOU ALSO MUST POST SEASONS IN WHOLE. Meaning if I claim CSI Las Vegas I'd have 8 posts. Every season must have its own post. You must do your seasons in order

If your character didn't join the show until later on please inform me when you apply for your subject. Same goes if they leave later on in the show. Example; Paige Matthews on Charmed came in Season Four and Prue Halliwell from Charmed left at the end of season three. In this case you could claim Prue to Paige through the seasons, but you could also just claim Prue or Paige. If for some reason your character isn't in a particular episode, please note it at the top of the post. If you claimed a general show this doesn't apply to you.
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If you would like to affiliate, please notify unspell and she will get back to you as soon as possible. Only challenge communities please.
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